Email Marketing

Email Marketing

Identika is currently engaged by over 30 clients on an ongoing basis to manage and optimise email marketing campaigns. In each of these engagements, our role is to devise compelling copy, use a blend of evocative imagery and call to actions to gain the best conversion rate we can for and on behalf of our clients.

Many of our competitors in online marketing suggest database rental as an effective mode of database growth and acquisition. The fact is that the vast majority of databases available for rental in Australia are often un-clean as the commercial imperative of database rental agencies is to disclose the largest possible figure for the amount of records they represent rather than the most qualified and responsive. Clients can expect that across the board, and there is the occasion except, the best conversion rate from database rental is around 2%.

Our philosophy to email marketing is to follow a simple and easy 10 step guide (as below)

10 Steps to Successful Email Marketing Campaigns
Define your business objectives and rationale for your response expectations
Calculate your break-even ROI to ensure that you stay profitable in the long run
Clearly articulate an ideal target customer, define their habits/characteristics
Set up a test program to gain learning and measure everything
Develop an offer, not just a list of product or service features & benefits
Make the design of the email creative benefit-oriented to demonstrate value rather than features
Optimize HTML email creative and landing pages for the web
Test, test and then test again as part of a regular process
Have a customer relationship management plan for remarketing
Refine your offer/creative based on test results and continue testing
If this process is adhered to, then your email marketing campaigns stand the best chance to convert well and efficiently.

Our Recommended Email Partners

There are range of excellent bulk email and relationship marketing platforms available that make it easy to manage multi-channel marketing campaigns be they email, mobile, direct mail and or web campaigns. Convergence is becoming of increased important for online marketers to stay abreast of their activities and media spend and marketing costs. That is why, for clients where appropriate, Identika recommends award winning Traction as our email marketing and relationship marketing platform of choice and can access better rates than otherwise obtainable if you were to go direct.

If cost containment is the name of the game and if you do not need all the intelligence you could otherwise glean from cross campaign tracking, then we use Interspire Mailer, MailChimp or Email Blaster.

Online Marketing Campaigns

It is really important that when running your email marketing campaigns that you take a blended approach to your online marketing. So as to generate the best results, Identika would always recommend that you run your email marketing campaigns in tandem or concurrently with other online marketing, be it search, affiliate, display, mobile etc.